Rooms and Reservations

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  string(47) "Krasnodar Krai,   Anapa, Grebenskaya Street, 3a"
  string(47) "Krasnodar Krai,   Anapa, Grebenskaya Street, 3a"
  string(6) "353440"
  string(5) "Anapa"
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  string(12) "+78613322293"
  string(12) "+78613322222"
  string(56) "+7 (86133) 2-22-93 24 hours, +7 (86133) 2-22-22 24 hours"
  string(12) "+79883360019"
  string(9) "44.897997"
  string(9) "37.319797"
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Hotel complex "Albatros" located in the heart of Anapa, invites guests to relax in an atmosphere of care and comfort.

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General- restaurant "the OBLAKA"
- cafe "Tiamo"
- thermal Spa complex (Finnish sauna, Turkish and infrared)
- beauty salon
Services- outdoor summer pool with inflatable toys for kids
- children's playroom
- library,
- Billiards Russian and American,
- cinema,
- thermal Spa complex (Finnish and infrared saunas, Turkish bath),
- beauty salon,
- conference hall
InternetInternet (wi-fi)
Parking- Parking in front of the hotel
- discount on citywide Parking 50% (opposite the restaurant)
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The restaurant "CLOUDS"
Three gastronomic areas: meals on an open fire, Italy, and Japan;
- Children's menu;
- Summer terrace;
- Free Wi-Fi;
The perfect venue for birthdays, weddings, corporate events and receptions.
Cafe "Tiamo"
Staying at the hotel, when ordering in the cafe and restaurant GC Albatross 15% discount

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Large conference hall with 120 seats.
Small conference hall with 40 seats.
Equipment meeting rooms:
- multimedia video projector with screen
- magnetic whiteboard (with markers)
- microphone
- the air conditioning system
- drinking water
Guests can make free use of WI-FI network.
Cost of services meeting rooms (with equipment) is:
- large conference room – 2000 rubles/hour
- small conference room – 1000 RUB/hour
Business centre the hotel also provides the following services: laptop rental – 150 RUB/hour;
- copy – 5 rubles/sheet;
- printing documents
-5  rubles/sheet
- Fax – 10 RUB./sheet
- lamination – 20 RUB./sheet

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These rules of accommodation in hotel are general and can vary by room type. Please check the room description.

Регистрация заезда14:00
Регистрация отъезда12:00
Booking cancellationFor cancellations less than 24 hours before date of arrival, a penalty of the cost of the booked rooms for first night of stay.
Extra bedsChildren are accepted from infancy. Up to 5 years free of charge.
Petsno Pets
Accepted credit cardsThe hotel accepted cards: MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic, Maestro , Visa, Visa Electron
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Hotel complex "Albatross", located in the heart of Anapa and is just 200 metres from the Central beach. Central market, bus terminal, air and railway ticket offices, banks, an amusement Park and a water Park, concert hall "Summer stage", town theatre, Department store, shopping malls, cinema "Cinema World" – here is a partial list of the places where You from the hotel complex "Albatross" will be able to walk for five minutes.

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